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Saturday, March 01, 2008
On this day:

MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes

I found this site via a friend. I think it is funny that these are the people it thinks I look like. The site isn't completely reliable. I used a bad picture just to see what it would come up with and my top match was Meatloaf... ugh. The results below are better but I still come up as match to a Bush family member! Kill me now!!

I have been told I look like this person:

I think there is a STRONG resemblance. My high school pictures could have been her on Facts of Life if my hair had been styled the same way. Even now, pictures of her in her thirties look very much like me in my thirties. Mindy Cohn hasn't been in the spotlight lately so maybe the face recognition software doesn't include her in the database. Nice to know what I will look like in 10 years... this is a pic of her from '95. The more recent ones aren't as close a match. Naturally, as we are about ten years difference in age.


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