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Thursday, February 07, 2008
On this day:

Notes From The Hamlet

I'm thinking of renaming this blog. It's not so much about chemistry as this po-dunk town I live in that I kindly refer to as the Hamlet of Hell. Maybe I will do the work of renaming at another time... anyway... to the notes.

Overheard in a local sandwich shop: "They have wireless internets here". (it is a plural now???)

Seen at the local bar: After Duke won the game last night, a drunkass decided to show his horror at it all by overturning a table. (Really? Was that really necessary? Ugh.)

Worst pick-up line ever, also at the local bar last night: "I'll by your boobs a beer." (HELL NO YOU WON'T!)

Student excuse of the week: "I had four children home sick so I couldn't come to class." (It is important to note that the student shared this with me at Walmart, child-free, four hours after the class in question).

And last but not least...

The third, yes, third member of the janitorial staff asked me out two nights ago. Why am I sooooo damn attractive to uneducated men??? Why are men who probably have trouble understanding me chasing after me? What have I done wrong? I don't need a wordsmith but I would like someone who can participate in an oral conversation/debate with me. Sigh.


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