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Sunday, January 06, 2008
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New Year, Old Plans

It seems some things never change. On making a new list of 50 resolutions, I noticed that there are a lot of duplicates from 2006. Most of the new ones have to do with the career which has a slightly different direction than in 2006. In 2006 it was all about getting a job, now it is about getting a better job. That goal involves doing a few things in addition to sending out the cover letters and copies of the cv.

Here it is: 50 Resolutions for 2008
1. Continue to go to the gym four or five days a week
2. Continue to eat healthy
3. Continue to lose weight
4. Develop patience
5. Find a friend in MO that is not a bad influence AND local
6. Finish painting the exterior of the house
7. Pay off all debt except for the mortgage (student loans, car, credit card, mom)
8. Fly a plane
9. Finish wedding announcement cross stitch
10. Start a serious running program instead of just doing 3-4 miles at slowpoke speed on the treadmill four times a week
11. Create an online course - "The History and Appreciation of Science"
12. Apply for a minimum of three jobs
13. Stop obsessing over the idea that money spent on preventative medical and dental appointments/procedures is wasteful.
14. Enter a triathlon
15. Lower my standards enough to date in the hamlet of hell at least for the free meal
16. Start my semi-autobiographical novel about my experience in the hamlet of hell
17. Create an honors online course
18. Go camping
19. Volunteer for something non-profit
20. Finish the jigsaw puzzle on my dining room table
21. Fix the bathroom ceiling
22. Make and cover the new seats for my dining table chairs
23. Visit at least two friends not in MO or MI
24. Make a trip to STL for a cultural event
25. Paint with my acrylics
26. Wear make-up regularly and use anti-wrinkle cream
27. Finish going through those "left-over" boxes from when I moved 18 months ago
28. Finish the quilt
29. Drink a minimum of 4 glasses of water a day
30. Take more pictures
31. Research stocks to make better decisions for my IRA
32. Resist the urge to slack at work when everyone else does (or appears to)
33. Go out to eat less often
34. Bite my tongue even more often
35. Try to be early instead of right on time or late if something "comes up"
36. Call my dad more often
37. Get my wisdom teeth removed
38. Go to a conference
39. Take a personal day
40. Find 5 tasty and healthy crockpot recipes
41. Strip and refinish the heirloom bureau
42. Update my teaching portfolio
43. Organize my job and personal paper files
44. Travel somewhere I haven't been before
45. Eat fewer carbs
46. Be more grateful
47. Blog more often
48. Relearn to knit
49. Get rid of clothes I know I will never wear
50. Check this list before 2010 to see if I am on track


  • I notice that where once your goal was to jump out of a plane, you now want to fly a plane. I think this is great mental health progress!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:19 PM  

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